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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Me Time

Every woman needs a night at home with just herself, recharging her batteries and catching up on things that are important to her. It's very easy to get caught up in the constant social whirl that is our free time, maintaining our friendships, catering to hobbies, learning new tasks and balancing work and family. However, on a regular basis, every woman should just have a night in, all to herself.

This article is inspired by NML and her evening in boudoir knickers. There are several elements that I need to have a proper night in. I've made it a regular thing every single Friday night. I plan no events, schedule no plans and do everything and anything I want to my hearts content.

For starters, I take a nice, long shower. Not the 5 minute showers we manage during a busy week but a decent, looooong shower where I wash and condition my hair, shave and stay under the rivulets until my skin feels baby soft. I use nice smelling shower gel and shampoo (the good stuff, that I normally save for special occasions). Most women prefer having nice long baths, but I'll pick a shower over a bath any day.

Moving right along, once out of the shower, I dry off and stand in front of the mirror, admiring my body from every angle. I love every inch, the curves, the stretch marks, the tiny imperfections that others may think are flaws but I think are unique. I look at my body in the mirror for a while, just admiring everything I see. I dance naked and watch myself jiggle and bounce, smiling as I trail my fingers over everything, applying my ridiculously expensive and utterly decadent lotion from Frederick's.

I slip into my boudoir knickers and a cotton T. My CD player is usually emitting my favorite songs of the week, mostly R&B with some oldies thrown in. Make your own mix CD or put the radio on to a cool blues station.

After drying my hair, I tend to my nails. I do my own everything, polishing, buffing and shaping. To me, it's as therapeutic as getting it done at the salon and way cheaper. Usually, while I'm painting I am either on the phone with a close friend or flipping through the latest issue of Cosmopolitan. By the time my nails are dry, I'm in a super mellow mood.

Enter the Moscato, a sweet wine that warms my insides. It feels like a massage from the inside out. I lay in bed, working on my photo album, writing in my journal or reading a book. My best friend likes to sketch and draw during her night in. Choose your hobby, something that lets you express yourself and focus on that.

A night in is all about YOU, what YOU want to do it, when YOU want to do it. Don't let external pressures intrude on your time alone, just enjoy and savor every minute of it. You learn so much about yourself just by being introspective and reflective.

Learn to love yourself. It's only then that you can love another.
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