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Monday, April 03, 2006


I'm a great believer in the fact that when you are in a relationship you still need time apart from your significant other--time to grow, time to nurture, time to cater to your likes and hobbies, time to rejuvenate your batteries and get reconnect with yourself.

There's a great prevalence that when you meet someone that you totally click with you want to spend every single waking moment with the person, talking to them, hanging out with them or just being in the same space they are. As difficult as it may be, I heartily recommend you to dissociate yourself from being conjoined twins and seek your personal growth. If you are constantly with the same person 24/7 eventually, they will start to bug, annoy and irritate you. The things that start bugging you are little things that in the bigger picture don't really matter and will cause tiny rifts in the relationship.

If you feel like you are being stifled and controlled by a overly demanding or overly protective significant other, then ladies, I strongly urge you to seize your ME time. You have to be the one to schedule it, plan it and adhere to it, noone is going to do it for you. He might balk at the idea that you are having fun without him, or just plain away from him--but eventually he will get used to it and begin to enjoy his Me time as well.

Personal time and space is essential to the growth of every relationship. Wouldn't you agree?


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