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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Enough is Enough

As women, we are strong, we are phenomenal, we are intelligent, we are beautiful, we are powerful. We harness the energy of Mother Nature, we are the ones who bring life into this world. We are the peace-bringers and joy-givers. And yet, despite all these traits, despite all this power and knowledge...we are still flawed.

Why are we flawed? It's really one simple reason--we ALLOW ourselves to be victimized. You see, we theoretically know that we deserve better, and yet we put up with all kinds of crap from men who aren't even worthy to kiss our feet.

We choose to put up with his lies, his bullshit, his flagrant cheating, his laziness, his ignorance and his stupidity. We choose to believe that we are better off with a no-good man than without one at all. We choose to keep the delusion that we truly can't do better.

We choose to stay with someone who isn't treating us right, the violent beater, the emotional abuser, the man who calls us names. We allow ourselves to be degraded and abused in the guise of 'hanging in there'. Some of us say that we put up with the abuse for the sake of our children, or some other reason--but really, we put up with it because we are afraid.

We are afraid of Mr. Right. As much as we claim we want him, we are afraid to step out and seize the dream because we feel that we aren't worthy, or that it's not time. We feel that we don't deserve happiness (for some crazy ass reason or another), or feel that we still have to pay our dues in the sewer. We see our friends happy with men who love and cherish them and yet we are willing to put up with these stupid-ass boys instead of seeking what we truly desire and deserve.

Every woman deserves to be loved and treated with respect at all times. Every woman deserves to be cherished and protected. Every woman deserves a man who is better for her beyond her wildest dreams.

We need to stop victimizing ourselves and allowing these no-good guys to prey on us. If we harness the energy and belief that we truly deserve better and refuse to put up with the bullshit, wasting time and our lives with the Mr. Wrongs; then that leaves the space in our hearts and lives for a truly great guy.

Ladies, let's stop victimizing ourselves. Enough of the bullshit.


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