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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Victoria's Secret

"To know that one has a secret is to know half the secret itself." Henry Ward Beecher

So I'm checking my email today and voila, a flyer for Victoria's Secret catches my eye. For those VS shoppers out there, they are having their semi-annual clearance sale. Ok, so I ended up heading to the site and putting innumerable items in my shopping bag. I'm still deliberating whether to actually purchase 48hrs to think about it!

I came to the States in 1999, I discovered VS in 2000 but scoffed at the idea of paying sooooo much money for such a frilly garment. Three times more expensive than anything I owned at that point. Being the thrifty spender that I am, I couldn't get my mind over the atrocity. What is Victoria's Secret anyway? My birthday in 2003 was when a certain someone decided that a VS gift certificate would be a good idea. Even then the voucher sat in my wallet unused for several months.

Sometime around Christmas after spending weeks buying stuff for everyone else, I decided to buy something for myself and went into the gilded entryway at my local VS joint. I had entered a boudoir! Was my first thought as I scanned the large room. Of course I had to act like I belonged so I grabbed the first frilly underthing that caught my attention. The silky garment was pure fluff but the stuff of dreams, cool to the touch yet at the same time very sensual. Next the perfumes caught my eye, with names like Very Sexy, Angel...etc, how could I resist?

I used to work at Bath and Body Works in college, and I thought that I would be immune by now to anything that appealed to the sense of smell. Twas not so! I tried every single sample they had out, and found myself in the beauty shop sampling lotions and scents with names like Secret Crush and Love Spell. By the time the saleslady approached me for a bra fitting, I was feeling so enamored of the shop that I couldn't even say no to a stranger measuring my bodice. I found my perfect bra size...No, I'm NOT advertising that, and ended up spending WAAAAAaaay too much money at this store designed to wrap every fantasy in sensual delights.

However, since then I've managed to curb my appetites to the occasional splurge. Splurge meaning every 3-4 months...hehehe. I still have a whole stash of aromatherapy stuff from my last buy. If my mother knew what I was spending my money on, she would totally flip. Although, maybe if I took her to VS, she might understand.

So what is Victoria's secret? Everyone has pondered this at one time or another. My answer...

"Victoria's Secret is that EVERY woman is sexy and desirable." That's it, plain and simple. I'm sexy, my mom is sexy, even my grandmother who is 80 years old is sexy. We all have the power of Eve in us... the feminity to send a tantalizing thought through every single guy in our domain. The reason it's a secret is because most women don't know they have the sensuality of a goddess; they think that only the skinny models can conjure up fantasies.

Not so. As long as you have the double X chromosome, you are in honey. You are the hottest female walking around, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Once you know that, it will only take a moment for everyone else to figure that out too.

And a Baaaaad girl is born.


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