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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Guide to Having Multiple Orgasms

This one's for Yogini.

Having multiple orgasms isn't rocket science provided you are having at least one orgasm when you do cum. The thing about multiples is that you have to totally let yourself go and relax, forget about everything on your mind and focus on how you are feeling. Every cell in your body must be primed to a sexual peak, and once you start with one orgasm keep going.

Most women think that because men take a whole hour to recharge, we are incapable of multiples. But the truth is that a woman's body is made for pleasure and chock full of erogeneous sexy zones. There are different kinds of orgasms that range in intensity, it can start from the tiny shivers that cause your pussy to convulse to the earth shattering ones that cause your whole body to convulse.

The key to multiple orgasms is to keep doing what you are doing. It's easy with a vibrator because you know the combination that works for you and you don't have to focus on someone else's energy. Get yourself in the mood by feeling mentally sexy beforehand, take a bath, light some candles and put on some sexy music.

To stimulate your brain I would suggest some great erotica like Sex Chronicles by Zane. Once you are sufficiently revved up mentally, then start playing with yourself while you read. Let your mind wander and your fingers and toys do the trick until you do come. Play with your nipples as well as your pussy. Now you have to keep in mind that after the first orgasm your clitoris gets ultra sensitive; and the more orgasms you get the more sensitive it gets. So the next orgasm will be just around the corner provided you keep on stimulating yourself. Focus on the same region that got you the first one but with more fine strokes.

I like to describe orgasms as waves, you feel the pleasure building gradually---then you reach the peak and start rapidly cruising down. If you get another one right after, the pleasure is actually increased with the receding pleasure of the first. It's not an Olympic sport, but orgasms should come in multiples, the more the merrier. Usually the second orgasm is smaller than the first, but the third and fourth come in larger waves.

By the fifth, you might start having couplets and triplets, meaning that your orgasms are coming fast and furious, one right on top of another. I've had triplets a bunch of times and those are so INTENSE, you really do start speaking in tongues.

If there is a guy in the picture...then don't give him the impression that one orgasm is good enough. A good lover will want to give you pleasure, and if he knows what he's doing, then he knows to keep on stroking and sucking and making love to you until you are screaming from ecstasy and it feels so good that it's almost otherworldy. The heat has to be consistently growing to keep the orgasmal waves growing, so when he stops what he's doing, then it will bring you floating back to reality before your multiple orgasms. Tell him to keep at it! "Don't stop baby, don't stop," works well I've found.

One of my fav bloggettes, Vix; masturbates for a mininum of 2 hours. That's a whole lot of multiples thrown in there. Once you've conquerd having more than one orgasms, I'll probably be coaxing you into the realms of This isn't called the Bad Girls Guide for nothing.

You need a skilled and patient lover to get you into the multiple orgasmal lane. However, if there isn't any to be found, then try the vibrator as your best choice to exploring the world of multiple orgasms. Keep at it sweets, you will get there.

Welcome to the Club.

Question: What's the highest number of orgasms you or anyone you know has ever had in one boudoir session?


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