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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Little Sister

In my quest to get everyone I know into the blogosphere, I've finally nagged my other sister to start a blog. It's amazing what a little blatant coercion can yield. Hopefully she won't spill my, as if I had any!

It's been up for a couple of weeks now, and with every single post I'm amazed. I didn't even know she had such depths to her. It's a mixture of thoughts, poetry, rants and other musings that goes on through the mind of my kid sister, aka the Family Genius. Enjoy.

Her other blog (such a copycat!) deals with politics, a field that I rarely step into on any of mine so it's a fresh angle. Anyway, here you go.

I did state how fabulous you guys were and that you would flood her blog with comments and hits so please, pretty please with shortbread on top, don't make me out into a liar. Thanks!

PS: When your family learns more about you reading your blog than talking to you---does this mean your fam is internet savvy or strange? Just wondering...

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