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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to the Bad Girls Guide

Wow, it's been a year since I got introduced to the blogosphere. It all started one rainy evening stuck in a car with my girlfriends who all had blogs. My girl T said, "Why don't you know about the date....oh, it was on my blog," to which after I figured out that a blog was actually a word made me wonder...What is a blog? And why haven't I ever heard of it until now? They quickly caught me up to speed and that same night I signed up with Blogger. And an idea was born. I would like to seriously thank everyone that's been reading from the get and those of you that have found the BGG along the way and joined us in the quest. I know that sometimes I tend to get on a high horse and I sincerely thank you all for putting up with it;)

I was really naive and totally new to the blogosphere and I just want to thank everyone who gave me ideas and tips to soup up my page. Remember that utterly atrocious pink girly background we had last year? Thank goodness that's gone! Thanks to everyone for telling their friends about the BGG, thanks to the subscribers, the naysayers and the critics. Yep--even the negativism managed to spur my wings further.

And now, without further ado, I present to you readers, old and new the very FIRST post!
By definition, a bad girl, is not an evil person. She is not a mean bitch, unless she has to be. She is a fun, fiesty, independent female with her own place, car, job and money. A bad girl is a sexy and sassy sista who has everything (well almost everything) going for her and is still continually striving to improve herself. When I say bad, I don't mean naughty-bad or even evil-bad. I mean BAaaaaad! Like a cool, intelligent, modern female that has her life as orderly as she can get it.

A bad girl is BAaaaad, because she doesn't live by the rules, she makes her own. A sista that can wield the cloak of power easily during 9-5, but slip into a sexy party girl when the sun goes down. She's gorgeous, and she knows it, even if she does have stretch marks and cellulite from here to Timbuktu. She fabulous and her self confidence is at an all time high, even if she has to fake it until she feels it.

The power of a BAaaaaad girl is that she knows what she wants out of life and is trying hard to get it. She wants the great job with the six-figure salary, she wants the perfect home and to be a great hostess. She wants the perfect man of her dreams.

And this is where the guide comes in. You see, BAaaaad girls are made, not born, they are forged through the fires of dating hell. When you see a gaggle of girls talking about men, we are not merely male-bashing, we are educating each other. Throughout history, the oral tradition has been the most powerful way of transferring information known to humankind. And we ladies have modified that and taken it to the nth level.

We talk about the foibles and horror stories, we talk about techniques and skills, we talk about romance and the one that got away. We talk about our narrow scrapes and misses, we talk about which guy is "dog of the week" and why, we talk about who cheated on who with whom.

Now what qualifies me to write the BAaaaad Girls Guide? Nothing. Absolutely frickin' nothing. Except that in a quest to leave something for the younger generation (aka my kid sister, who had her first date last week!!), I realize that I can impart waaay more info if I just wrote it down. So here you go.

Anything you read here is simply for informational purposes. If you decide to jump off Empire State Building because the dating pool is quite depressing, don't you DARE write that it was my fault.

The BAD girl's guide is merely not a quest to find the man of your dreams, but one to enrich your life and make yourself a better person so that when you find Mr. Right for Me, you will know.

And now, let the journey begin.


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