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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Firing Squad

Sometimes, I actually have something to say. Other times, I just end up rambling. I chucked 2 articles in the trash today, deeming them totally unworthy of your time. So now I'm at a quagmire. What are we going to talk about?

How bout this....does anyone have a question? It could be a personal question probing into the depths of my soul, something about your life that you want an opinion on or something utterly mundane. Email me or leave a comment and I'll keep amending this post as we go along.

Or leave a suggestion of a topic that's boggling your mind that you feel we haven't covered in depth or covered at all. That might spark some fodder for the next few days;)

Fire away!

Perhaps I should take a vacation:) Carmenzta, you did a lovely job with both questions. I actually have nothing else to add except this:

Jim, your girl flipped out because she had evidence of your lack of commitment. That would upset even me. When I'm with a guy (especially one that our exclusivity has been determined), I'm with him all the way. I expect him to be as loyal to me as I am to him, after all, that is what exclusivity is all about. So with you having flirtatious texts from another women, well, this is just a red flag that you are still in the mode that you are searching for something more. See the problem isn't with the fact that you had flirty texts. The problem is that you ENCOURAGED the flirtation. And encouragement counts as cheating on some level. If I were her, I would find it very, very hard to move past that.

Anonymous honey, this guy is obviously not the guy for you. It sounds to me that you actually have deeper feelings for you than he does. He sees you as a backup girl, the chick that's done for him 24/7. You've always been there, and you will always be there. Hence you've lost your allure. You are too available, too accessible and he's just not digging it. I know that unrequited love sucks bigtime but I honestly don't feel like he wants you. If he did want you...honestly, totally he would be banging down your door 24/7 and not letting you continually slip out of his grasp. Saying that he's the perfect guy for you except he doesn't want to be with you is like saying that you like everything about the ocean except that it's wet. Stop going back to him. Stop giving him chance after chance to break your heart. Move on. Really this time. Try to move from that apartment where you see him everyday, bond with your girlfriends (they sound great), and get back into the field and find someone new. You aren't emotionally letting him go and that is affecting all your relationships. So Let.Him.Go. Please. It's going to be hard, it's going to hurt, but at the end of the day it's going to be well worth it. Once he notices your reticence (and he will) he might actually realising that you are GONE and he might turn around in a 360 and be all over you. I honestly don't think he's man enough for you but if you want him then, have at him. Just don't think that he's around for longterm, at least not yet. Sounds like he's still sowing his wild oats to me. Good luck sweets.

I want to know if you have a boyfriend.Virginia honey, you are still in the good books, and of course I'll link you up on the roll. Yes, I do have a boyfriend. 7 months and counting. You should read the other blog:) I rhapsodize about him sporadically on there, don't want to bore everyone;)

Should I paint my toenails this summer?Omar that question cracked me up. It's your life, your nails, do what you will. Just try to stay away from the girly girly colors--will ya? Thanks.

How did you come about your wisdom? Trial and error? Parents? Friends? and why do you consider yourself a bad girl, as that has such a negative connotation and very different from your sentiment as I see it. Also, do you follow your own advice? How has that fared? Anonymous, I don't consider myself particularly wise! So yeah, I guess it's mostly been a mixture of everything, from my own pitfalls (alot of these situations I've personally been through!), to my friends telling me their woes, to dealing with these men with every foray into the dating world. In addition, I do have a bit of intuition thrown in there, some knowledge of how it's supposed to be or not supposed to be, from my parents, society, chick lit and chick flicks I guess. I just put myself in alot of the scenarios and think of how I should REALLY react. I choose the title because Good Girls have a wussy rep. Besides, all of us have a little (or alot) of bad girl in us. It's the Bad girl in us that refuses to be a doormat, accepts only the best treatment and manages to wield the cloak of power easily both in the bedroom and boardroom. She's assertive, she's ambitious, she doesn't take any crap. In my eyes, I've seen the Good Girl as what I always was until I hit 21, the one who obeyed all the rules, who followed the dictates of society, the one who bent over backwards to please everybody. But the Bad Girl? Totally opposite.

As for the following my own advice part----hehehehe. I do for the most part. Sometimes I get wrapped up in emotions and feelings like any other girl and stop thinking like I bad girl. My circle of life centers me alot, and in moments of doubt I actually read my own archives! So no, I don't have it all figured out, I'm just seeking and searching just as we all are.
I got my back waxed yesterday for the first time. I really wasn't extremely gorillafied back there having only really sprouted some whispys in the last 10years or so. My question is, should I be so vain as to be concerned about this? I consider myself to be in fine shape for my age and wanted that smooth, fresh look for summer, but should I just be me? The girl who did the waxing said I was just about the best male customer she'd ever had as I didn't curse, flinch or complain once, as apparently most men do. Women and waxing? Tough as nails I am told. So, in a way, I felt rather in touch with my feminine tough side. Omar, you actually have a very precise get ready for the summer regimen. I haven't been to the waxing parlor except for my eyebrows. I don't know what that lady told you was totally true. I'm a total wuss! Getting my eyebrows waxed is sheer torture for me (sure it's really quick and a small area...but I'm still chicken). So I can imagine how excruciating the whole back deal is. The things we do for conventional beauty. Sheesh! The stuff I do for my beauty regimen I mainly do for me. I do it because I want to feel good, I want to have those smooth long legs or the cute looking hair. If you are happy with your back then be happy with it whichever way it is. As for the vain part...I'm going to have to say yes. I'm sure if you dished about the rest of your toilette you would gradually be moved over to the Metrosexual zone. Which isn't a bad thing. There are women that dig guys who are very well groomed, yours truly included. Just do what makes you happy.


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