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Friday, May 19, 2006

Spice it Up

This weekend, here's a lovely challenge for all you Bad Girls out there. I want you to do something adventurous, something out of the ordinary, something that you have never done before. Unleash you inner vixen and get wild, don't think of the consequences, who might be watching or what they might be thinking.

I want you to go all out, lay it on the line. Say what you think needs to be said and stop holding it all in. I want you to honor your true desires and your needs, I want you to stop settling for what you really don't want or need. I want you to be brave, be bold and be feisty.

You take the reins for a moment. Initiate. Initiate the first kiss you've been dying to get, the first contact, the first swoop into the great unknown. Initiate the makeout session, the passionate romp, the fantasy that's been running through your mind for ages.

This weekend, let go of whatever is holding you back and just be. Just. Do. It.

Then come back and tell us all about it.

Have fun.

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