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Monday, May 22, 2006

This Weekend I...

The roads were clear with very few cars on the highway. I sped down the darkened streets, sipping from my canister of warm apple cider. When I got to your house, the lights were off, further evidence that you were sleeping. There was a dog barking in the distance, the only sound in the velvet night, and I glanced around to make sure I wouldn't be mistaken for a cat burglar. But there was noone up----after all, it was close to 5 am.

I went around the back and found the spare key in the same spot where you told me it would be. Unlocking the back door, I tiptoed in. Taking my heels off, I shut the door and headed to your room.

As usual the humid heat had forced you to open your windows, and I could see your sleeping form laying serenely on the bed. Your cell phone was by you, blinking the missed calls from me, the only light in the otherwise dark room. I called your name softly, but you ignored me, so lost in your dreams.

Were they dreams of me? I wonder as I tiptoed over. Could I enter those dreams? I called your name again, louder this time, but you just turned over and didn't respond. A sound sleeper if I ever saw one. You were way too comfortable in that bed, especially considering that I wasn't there with you. The moon illuminated your features, strong, bold, handsome and relaxed in slumber.

My hands headed for your thick curly hair of their own accord, getting lost in the glossy curls. I was home. As soon as my hands touched you, you moved again and I thought that you would awake, but you didn't. My mind pondered the most 'spicy' way to wake you, even though you didn't want to be awakened.

I nuzzled your neck but you still didn't wake up. I let my hands roam freely over your firmly muscled arms and chest and you still didn't awake. My probing hands quested further, kneading and sensitizing each inch of skin that I passed. A low moan came from your lips and I glanced up, sure that you had awakened, and was again disappointed.

I kissed your closed eyelids, stealing myself for the bemused gaze that I would get from your obsidian eyes but even that didn't arouse you. I trailed my fingers further down, settling my body against your warm frame. Now this has got to wake him, was my thought as my questing fingers reached the goal.

Yes, I could tell that even though you weren't awake, you were happy to see me. Lovely. I abandoned kissing your face and directed my kisses elsewhere. Those kisses, those heated long licks did what no other touch could. I knew the minute you awakened, your breathing changed and I felt your hands running through my hair.

"Good morning," I said, my voice muffled by my task. You didn't answer, just gave me that Cheshire cat grin through half-lidded eyes. Oh yeah, it's such a good morning, the look said and I smiled as I continued. Within minutes I was rewarded for my efforts and I grinned as I watched your unshielded reaction to me. To my touch. To my kiss.

I dragged you out of bed shortly thereafter, me filled with joyful exuberance, and you still caught in that fuzzy place between full awakening and awareness. I drove us out of the city, heading for the water that we both love. The first rays of the sun shot through the early morning clouds and I made it to Crow's Nest right at dawn. As we both sat and watched the perfect sunrise break across a perfect shore, one thought collectively went through our minds.

This is heaven. Here. Now.

So what did you Bad Girls...and very Bad Guys do this weekend?

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