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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Is it Love, Lust or Infatuation?

NotCarrie from No Sex and the City, called my attention to an interesting article online about knowing the difference between love, lust and infatuation that I wanted to share with you guys.
"As I was heading towards my daily work starting page online, I saw a link for a How To article about How To Tell The Difference Between Love, Infatuation, And Lust. I still, at age 26, have not been able to clearly make distinctions between these feelings. Unlike my sister, who says people are too careful with using the big L word (love, for those still half asleep), I probably fall into the camp of saving it for perfect moments and situations. It's not something I guard and I'm not holding onto it like a nun and her virginity, or placing it on a too-high pedestal but, it makes me cringe when it's thrown around. To reference one of my favorite shows, did you hear what George said to Callie on Grey's Anatomy? He wanted to wait to say "I love you" back to her and make sure she knew he meant it. Not the obligatory response to someone else saying it. I loved it when George said that. It's so true."
Read the rest of NotCarrie's summation HERE.
Read the full article HERE.


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