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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What Vixen Agrees on...

Ok, The Seeker has answered the questions that some of his readers, and some of you asked him. Here are a few of my personal favorites that I agree on.

When a man says he wants to take it "slow" and you're screwing like jackrabbits , does it mean he's just using you until he's tired of you?

Yes. This one goes both ways too. The trick is to figure out if you want it to go anywhere. Sometimes the right thing is just to be a person's Booty Call.

Vixen says: Yes. He is using you. And Bad girls don't stand around allowing themselves to be a doormat. If you want more, dump his ass and find what you deserve. Do not settle for anything less than what you want. Do not settle for crap.

Why are men so hung up on their penis size?

Because size does matter. Let's face it, a guy can be orally talented and make up for being smaller. Or good with his hands, but to give a woman a thorough pounding requires more than a pencil dick. I know I don't have a small dick, but it's not John Holmes sized either. I want to know that I satisfy my partner. Every guy (unless he has a horse cock) worries that your last partner did. I don't know enough about psychology to understand the rationale for this, but the best thing you can do is reassure the man in your life that you love what he has. According to Dr. Ruth (seriously, I'm not making this up) the best way to do this is to give him oral sex frequently. She says this is equivalent to taking a miniature version of him into your mouth and thereby accepting him. By the way. Spitting is not an option. You aren't in high school anymore ladies. If he tastes bad, get him drinking pineapple juice or something sweet. He'll taste better and you'll enjoy it more and he'll quit worrying about his equipment and use it to please you more.

Vixen says: Actually, size does matter. And I feel that if you don't have a decent sized penis, you have to overcompensate in your ability, williness and readiness to make up for it in other domains. Sex is important to everyone, and if you have a small willy, well, you have to beef up in every other domain. I'm a great believer in blowjobs, and know that guys like swallowing. Back in the day, I never used to swallow, believing that it was 'gross, nasty tasting shit' that I wanted no part of. Try it once, it takes the fear out of you and you realize that it's not that big of a deal. There is a trick to not tasting it, just let it accumulate at the back of your throat, where there are almost no taste buds a do a quick swallow. The motion: kind of like taking a shot.Trust me, your man will be in paroxysms of delight if you swallow. Add to that, there is less mess to clean up. New trick...pineapple juice, and have your guy stay hydrated, apparently men who drink more water tend to have a better tasting cum.

There is an expression I've heard about love: Men need to have sex in order to feel loved, women need to feel loved in order to have sex. What are your thoughts on this?

I don't agree. You often hear that men and women are wired different. In some ways we are, but in others I'm not so sure. I realized a long time ago that I'm different from most (or many men) in the arena of sex. I've heard so many women complain that the guy doesn't care whether she gets off or not. Ladies... educate the man. Show him what does get you off. Whether is a belt across your ass or flowers and a romantic setting. If the guy is worth anything, he will do it. The flip side is you need to just give him some plain jane fast hard fucking sometimes too. Sex is a big part of a relationship. It's also one of the first places you notice breakdowns in relationships. Women withhold sex when they are mad. Men are less affectionate in the same capacity. Sex feels different for men and women. Women can cum as many times as they want. A man can't. Although with practice, a man can achieve orgasm without ejaculation and thus prolonging the session. Getting back to your question, I've heard just as many women who 'just want to get laid tonight' as I've heard men say it.

Vixen says: Yep, I have to agree with the Seeker here too. Education is very important. Guys aren't mind readers and just because he knows which way is south doesn't mean that he knows what to do down there or your likes and dislikes. Don't be too shy to educate your man. And if you are...well send him over here and have him read, The Guide to Afterplay, Art of Giving a Woman a Blowjob and Other Articles Here.

He got asked a lot of friggin questions...some funny, some candid, and all he answered with frank honesty. Zip over there and read the rest of the article HERE. It is thoroughly educational, and very interesting to see the other side of the table. The next post is going to be about what I didn't agree with him on...wonder how that will go!

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