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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Definition: Whatever you do comes back to you, blessings if you do good, and curses if you do evil.

And how do you this, you might ask? Actually it is quite simple.

Leave each man better than when you met him. That way, when another BAaaad girl picks up where you left off, she will thank you for the refinement. Consider men as clay that need to be molded. You cannot do it alone, character moldings take lots of time and effort. Even if all you can impart on him to to leave his dirty clothes IN the hamper and not ON the floor, that in itself is karma points for you.

Guys are resistant, they don't want to be changed. But consider a hard igneous rock left on the seashore. Time and tides wear it down until eventually it becomes as smooth as glass. We ladies are the tide, and we gradually reshape the rough edges from our man until he becomes Mr. Right 4 Me. And if paradventure, the relationship didn't work out, then you have remade him into Mr. Right 4 Her.

Every single boyfriend that I broke up with, I had to leave with some decent character traits. I would like to believe and hope that somewhere, some Baaaad girls are working on my guy to make him perfect for me.

The same applies both ways. If you piss where you drink, mess up the dating pool, then the bad karma is going to hit you in the face. Don't screw with these guy's heads. Stop playing games with them. We already know that we are smarter than them, centuries alone has taught us that. We do not need to constantly harangue and bicker, we do not need to stalk them and we do not need to CHEAT on them. All of these give you negative karma points.

When you meet a normal guy, one that is not living with his mother, not emotionally scarred and has relatively minimal issues, why is it that one nice guy that we must destroy? I know we are embittered and cynical, but can't we leave the good guys be?

We rage and bitch about how the good ones are all taken, or not yet born, however the guys that aren't so good, they are rotten apples because generally we made them that way. (NOTE: I'm not talking about the run of the mill Charles Manson psychopath guy.) I'm talking about the guys that we have given tons of drama to, lied and cheated on, and did everything to drive them insane. So they cracked eventually (who wouldn't?). They became that dogs that we have outlandishly villified them into. We are partially to blame, maybe even mainly at fault.

When guys are nice, they are soooo nice. Sweet, romantic, thoughtful. But when they are bad? YUCK! They become jealous, untrusting, scary in a stalker way, sometimes violent etc. etc. They didn't just turn this way overnight....we added some fuel to the fire.

We need to stop doing this. Wouldn't it be FANTASTIC if everyone left their ex better off than they had met them? Then, people could meet better versions of the people that they do, and more people could get married, which increases your chances of a happily ever after.

Karma is only a bitch if you let it be. Set yourself up for good karma.


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