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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Throw Out Mr. Perfect

Yeah, I said it.

Throw out the idea of Mr. Perfect. It's just frickin' rubbish. Simple propaganda that the society has brainwashed you with ever since you were a kid. There is no such thing as Mr. Right. REPEAT. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS MR. RIGHT.

There is only Mr. Right 4 Me.

And how do I know that there is no such thing as Mr. Right? Check this out.

Example 1:
Suppose Mr. Right's name was Adam. He was supposed to meet you on a particular day at the local cafe. But you didn't show...cos your boss wanted you to work late. So he Ms. Eva, who happens to be a great combo with him. He dates her, marries her, and they live together. They are happy, but he's not her soul mate. Adam was your soul mate but now he's lost to you forever. He's off the market. Kaput. Is that the end of your story? Are you doomed to spend a lifetime without your Mr. Right?? (Don't email me with the answers, these ARE rhetorical!)

Example 2:
Suppose Ms. Eva happened to be his soul mate. But she got hit by a bus before she met him. Or even after she met him. Does that damn Adam to a life without the other half of his soul?

Yadayadayada. Like I said, BS. Simple propaganda.

I believe that there is a particular type of person for you. I believe that any person in that type is a good match for you. I believe that you have a great chance of being happy with any male in that type that fits for you. Now breath a sigh of relief. Isn't it better knowing that you have a larger pool to pick from? If Adam gets hitched (or hit by a bus), isn't it great to know that Brad or Cooper or Dan is still out there? (Not saying that Mr. Right 4 U's name would go in alphabetical order, but you get my drift.)

So now that you have overcome the number all time myth to dating...happy dating!


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