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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Evolution of Sex

In an ideal relationship, all elements of connection and chemistry co-exist. However, even if you have a hot and steamy sex life in the beginning of the relationship, somewhere along the line, due to reaching a plateau or comfort levels, the sex peters down from the dizzying ecstasy that it once was.

It's during this plateau stage that alot of couples tend to lose their drive and passion for each other, and start channelling that passion in other directions. This is when most couples break up for one reason or another, or one ends up cheating on the other.

I've found out that the best relationship is one that your sex life is in a constant state of evolution. You both strive to improve each experience, making each sexual encounter better than the last. You both set and achieve goals in the boudoir, whether something as basic as number of orgasms to something more complex into the realms of 'kinkiness'. You both push the envelope, push each other, lose the inhibition, strive for perfection, excitement and ecstasy together. With both of you making the effort, your antics in the boudoir will reach greater heights than you can ever imagine.

Your thoughts?

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