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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Taking Charge in Bed

The media and society have propelled sexual empowerment for women rapidly ahead in the last decade. I remember a time when it was taboo for a woman to seek out a man purely for a sexual encounter however now we have definitions, boundaries and tips for everything from a casual one nighter to a regular fuck buddy.

Guys have always been cast in the role of the assertive aggressor in the relationship. He's usually the one the initiates sex either by asking for it, seducing you and sometimes practically commanding you to his behest. Women on the other hand in the past have been known to be more submissive. More traditional roles even place a woman as lying stoically on the bed like marble while she completes her 'wifely duty'--(yeesh!)

Thank goodness times have changed. And changed drastically they have. Morph into Samantha from Sex and the City and actively take charge of your orgasms, your libido, your passion and your sex life. C'mon, we've all heard over and over again how guys say that they want 'a lady on the street but a tigress in bed.' Be the tempting siren.

You don't have to feel shy or embarrassed in dragging him to your lair to have your wicked way with him. You can suggest, seduce and flirt to your hearts content. In fact, 91%% of men report that they totally love it when their lady initiates sexual play.

Don't be afraid, take the lead. Don't let any hold you back. If you want it---go after it with a passion that expresses all your feminine urges. Here are some saucy tips to get you started.
You know you want it. And you know you want it good. Seek it, claim it and attain it. Good loving!

Your thoughts?
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