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Friday, November 04, 2005


Definition: A dealbreaker is the trait, characteristic, lifestyle choice, or baggage or skeleton that you will absolutely NOT put up with in your significant other under any circumstances. This de facto that will eliminate many a promising man/woman from your dating pool.

I know that each and every one of us has some things on our Master List that are just essential to us in a mate. However, on the other hand, there are important things on that list that become dealbreakers if they don't/do have those tendencies.

Smoking for example, is an automatic dealbreaker for me. No matter how fabulous you think I am, or how cute you think you are, if there is a whiff of cigarette/cigar smoke around you, it automatically takes you out of the running. (Smokism at it's worst!) There is no way that I can get past the smoky smell on clothes, breath and in the car. It kills whatever tiny shred of attraction that I may have for you instantaneously. I've tried, and it ain't happening.

Once you have gotten eliminated, I will tell you what the dealbreaker was, just not in a derogatory fashion. If your lifestyle choice is to smoke, good for you. I just don't condone it, henceforth, our acquaintance cannot go beyond...acquaintances. C'est finit.

Please recede with dignity. Be a man about it and don't throw a hissy fit because you aren't getting your way. You trying to pressure me into changing my mind isn't going to work, so get over the rejection and move on. I'm sure there are other women that don't consider it a dealbreaker...try one of them.

In the same vein ladies, if a guy lets you know that he isn't attracted to big, beautiful women (BBW), or that you're not his type, let him go. Don't try to change yourself to please a man, you're only shortchanging yourself in the long run. God populated this earth with 6 billion people for a reason, so go find one guy that loves your curves as much as he loves you himself.

Your thoughts?


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