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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Good Tips for that Special Date

My penchant for making lists has returned. Here are the top ways to score mad brownie points on your first date with me.

  1. Show up on time. Don't be late and if you are, call me ahead of time.
  2. Plan well. Planning and preparation shows that you actually put thought into this evening. Know where we are going and what we are doing.
  3. Smell good. BO/MO are unacceptable in any shape or form. Bathing is essential. Don't try to cover BO with gallons of cologne/aftershave. Mints can be provided upon request.
  4. Dress well. Don't wear baggy, slouchy, grungy, wrinkled, unironed clothing. Anything that makes you look like a homeless waif won't put you in my good graces.
  5. Compliment. Compliments increase the positive aura around the evening. However, excessive flattery does come across as empty noise.
  6. Open doors. Yes, I can do it myself, but chivalry still wins the day.
  7. Converse intelligently. Topics like current affairs, weather, music, movies and pop culture are good starting points. Avoid controversial topics that might lead to dissension. Avoid sharing too much information.
  8. Avoid excessive alcohol. Don't try to get me drunk and don't get yourself drunk.
  9. Treat well. Treat the waitstaff nicely. It was once said that you can know how the person is like, and how he will treat you in future, from the way he treats them ~skybellz
  10. Tip well. Don't bitch about the waiter and try to shortchange him.
  11. Kiss well. Don't swallow my tongue, don't lie in my mouth like a dead fish, don't slobber all over my face.
  12. Leave gracefully. Don't invite yourself up, or try to get me back to your place.
  13. Follow up. Call to thank me for a wonderful evening ~ Monica

Anyone else have some to be added on here?


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